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The Inter-University Center for Korean Language Studies at SKKU

The Inter-University Center for Korean Language Studies at SKKU (IUC) is an advanced Korean language training institution for academic researchers, graduate students, and prospective researchers in Korean Studies as well as related professionals.

The campus for the Center is located within the SKKU humanities and social sciences campus (Seoul), and is jointly operated by SKKU and the executive committee of the Inter-university Consortium. A core group of North American, Latin American and  uropean Korean programs participate as member universities of the IUC at SKKU, with current co-chairs from UCLA and the University of British Columbia. Harvard University, University of Michigan and University of Southern California are currently committed  o membership, and University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Georgetown University, Australian National University, Leiden University, SOAS and University of Sheffield are in the process of negotiating membership.

The mission of the Center is to provide intensive high-level Korean language training(including instruction in sinographs, high-level sinographic vocabulary and hanmun, depending on learners’ needs) essential for excellent academic performance in Korean  tudies, and to promote the learners’ ability to present research papers, access primary sources, and translate between Korean and their own languages. The Center also aims to contribute to active communication and networking among Korean Studies professionals and institutions at home and abroad.